About Spark Ad Manager

Spark Ad Manager, a Sinclair Broadcast Group Service, is a self-serve CTV advertising platform that allows businesses and agencies to quickly launch, manage and track CTV advertising campaigns. It is designed to help clients streamline their advertising operations and increase revenue by simplifying the process for advertising on streaming TV. Ads can be launched in just minutes.  

The platform provides a range of features, including audience targeting, different publisher packages, video upload and custom video requests, and integrated campaign performance reporting. The reporting and analytics features help clients track their performance and make data-driven decisions about their advertising operations.

Why should you trust Spark Ad Manager? 

Spark Ad Manager is operated by Sinclair Broadcast Group (SBG), which is one of the largest television broadcasting companies in the United States. SBG owns and operates television stations in over 100 markets, reaching nearly 40% of American households. The company was founded in 1986 and is headquartered in Hunt Valley, Maryland.

Our Team

Martin Kristiseter - Managing Director at Spark Ad Manager

Martin Kristiseter
Managing Director

Stephen French - Head of Product at Spark Ad Manager

Stephen French
Head of Product   

Brian Hunt - Head of Sales at Spark Ad Manager

Brian Hunt
Head of Sales

Candice Boldosser - Sales Management at Spark Ad Manager

Candice Boldosser
Sales Management 

Dmitry Zhavoronkov - Product Management at Spark Ad Manager

Dmitry Zhavoronkov
Product Management

art trofimov, customer success representative at Spark Ad Manager

Art Trofimov
Customer Success

Eddie Imparato Jr. - Design at Spark Ad Manager

Eddie Imparato Jr.
Design Manager